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Dear Grace Community:

Worship Services During August

Livestream worship has been launched. It began last Sunday with guest preacher, Jeffrey Dale and musicians Debbie Poole, Jennifer Cheesman and Paul Burke. The tech team that worked to send the service out from the Grace sanctuary was Don Lynn, Craig Hall, and Kathy and Ken Watt. Thanks to all of them for taking the first step into our new way of providing worship at Grace.

Although we know our absence from the sanctuary will be temporary—there is still no firm timeline yet—livestreaming is here to stay. And certainly for the next few weeks, livestreaming will be the only way to participate in worship at Grace. You can continue to watch in the comfort of your home, as you were able to do with the videos. The live service will be recorded, so if you miss it you can watch it later, as with the videos.

Our live Sunday services will be streamed on YouTube on the Grace UC Barrie channel. You can watch the service directly on YouTube or on the church’s Website or Grace’s Facebook page, where our YouTube channel link will also be posted. Be sure to bookmark it.

The Worship Service on Sunday, August 9 (10:30 am)
will be conducted by the Rev. Evelyn McLaughlin.

Vacation Bible Camp for Children and Youth, ages 5–12

Our Vacation Bible Camp with the theme of “Hidden Treasure” happens next week!

Monday, August 10, from 10 am to 11 am!

If you missed the registration, call us immediately so your camper can receive their camp package. Phone the church office at 705.734.0760 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Strawberries Anyone?

The Stewardship and Finance Team met this week and decided to tentatively set a date for Strawberry Shortcakes. The proposal is a reduced number of strawberry desserts and a smaller team to produce them. However, it all depends—as it always does—on volunteers willing to step up and help.

The new tentative date is Wednesday, September 16.

Rather than a rotating volunteer group, there would be one team that would be in place for the whole production. Memorial Hall would be used so there could be social distancing as well as the use of masks.

If you think you could come and help and give us the day, please contact Barb Moore at 705.321.5012 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The team needs to know by August 17 whether there are enough volunteers to have “Strawberries in September”!

A Message from the Pastoral Team Chair, Barb Mercer

First, we wish to extend a big thank-you to the Weavers who have been keeping in touch with the people on their lists and especially with those who don’t have Internet access, and the opportunity to keep connected through the weekly congregational letters and worship services online. Also, we know that there have been many acts of kindness to individuals and families to let people know that even though we can’t meet on Sundays or at other church activities, we are still important to each other. Thank you to all those who have reached out in so many different ways to stay in touch and acknowledge various needs. Masks sewn, telephone calls made, meals delivered, desserts shared, errands run, cards mailed; they have all been ammunition in this war with the coronavirus!

Kudos to the Worship and Technical Teams for such meaningful online worship services, and we now look forward to a new adventure with live streaming of services led by our guest ministers in the sanctuary.

 The Prayer List continues to be published each week and a prayer request can be made by contacting Barb Mercer at 705.728.6734 or by emailing the Church Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Any urgent pastoral needs can be directed to Barb Mercer or the Office.  Also, be sure to let us know of any milestone birthdays or anniversaries that could be acknowledged with a greeting card from the congregation.

While Rev. Susan is on a well-deserved holiday until Labour Day, we wish all the best to our Grace family members and hope that, in spite of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, you are able to enjoy the pleasures of summer while staying healthy and safe. Happy Summer everyone!

Prayer List

As always, we have Prayer concerns to share with you. Please see the email list and keep those individuals and families in your prayers.

For sharing news and information, please contact the Grace office.


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